DO THIS METHOD: How you can change your life just in one day.

Imagine, watching yourself being born.
On that very present moment, you will realize that as you inhaled your first breath and cried to imprint your existence, you were immediately gifted with TIME.

Just two days ago, I celebrated my birthday via a virtual set up.
It was a fuzz free, bring your own drink birthday celebration organized just a day in advance at the convenience of our laptops and video screens. At the last minute, my guests donned a presentable outfit in lieu of the usual ‘work from home’ lazy look because after all, it is wont to dress up something nice for birthdays.

On a previous article I wrote, How to overcome loneliness the counter intuitive way, I emphasized the importance of also ‘looking outside’ instead of just solely looking within.

A situation can either be good or bad, it depends on how you put meaning to it.

Just two days after the first day of the year 2020, the president of the United States ambushed and killed a high rank military official in Iran. A day after, bushfires quickly spread across Australia then a little over a week, Taal volcano erupted in the Philippines. After a few days, we came to realize that there is an even bigger catastrophe that will change our lives all together, forever.

As social beings, clearly there is nothing good about this situation but in hindsight it has become a breather.

Pollution abated, family ties coalesced and wild life flourished.

Just like how each flora and fauna plays an important role in the diversity of the life cycle, so as each person to a nation, to a country and to the world.

Everything is energy, every thing needs to move and be transferred. This concept is applicable to anything that you can imagine in our life.

Our bodies for example is meant to be on the move.
As we move, we burn energy.
Love needs to be shared to expand, it must be given and it must be received.
Money is meant to be spent to circulate. All of these to the point that I like to make is a cycle and is meant to be a give and take relationship.
And because we are in a cycle, all of us play a role.

Unfortunately, this cycle ushers us to drift and to live our lives unconsciously. We essentially forget an important resource that can immediately change our life just in one day.

We all have the capability to discern, to choose and to decide our next action and it is a gift that was granted to us from the moment that we were born. If we shift our mindset by leveraging time, it gives us the power to instantaneously change the Now.

Practice to shift your mindset everyday, one at a time, to instill good thoughts. Confucius said “It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop”.
As you continue to build good thoughts, so as your habits, then everything else will follow.

Always, achieve to have an exciting, quality and abundant life!

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