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Yesterday my son taught me to conquer my fear by rollerblading with him downhill from the playground. He has no problem just casually rolling down the downhill pavement holding his drink from the vending machine.

He was a natural and I was proud.

It has been five days since I took upon myself to conquer my fear and join my son into learning something new. After all, it would be a shame to teach my son to do this and that and show him even the proper posture if I myself does not know how to do it at all.
Looking back, I do not regret it and realized that if I have not done it, I would definitely have regretted it.
I am amazed on how fast my son learned just in a span of five days. So I wonder, why do kids learn so fast? how they do it? and a side note question, why do they seem so happy all the time?

And the answer is something we already know which is also simple and easy to apply.
They do not have any inhibitions. They do not care, they do not give a fuck. They are fearless, they have no issues falling down or making mistakes. They just believe they can. They know what they want and they go for it.
Kids make friends, they play, they do not judge, they run around.
They have no concept of time and money. They are in their default state of abundance. And for them the possibilities are endless.
My son would say, buy me this, open the aircon, order me a Chameleon, can you buy me a Tiger? I want to try this and that.
Of course you would at best always have to manage your time and finances so you really cannot say yes to everything they say (so use your rational mind for this), what we can learn from them is a daily reminder of our default state of abundance, of greatness, of our true potential, our super power and it is not latent! It is already in us!

But how can you prove there is abundance in my life when all I can experience is lack? It is your perspective, that is how you have associated meaning into your experiences and circumstances.

You do have abundance, you just focus on the lack aspect of your life. There is abundance in air, food, space, love, energy, care, wealth. Money is everywhere. Opportunities are everywhere. We all have the power to change and the power to choose and the good news is that we can immediately tap into it whenever we need to. The super power I am talking about is by tapping into your kid state. Your playfulness. We all have it. We just forgot about it because of how we were brought up, how society has conditioned us. The routine and the norm. Adults, are conditioned beings, a sum of experiences, logic and memories, so we do have a lot of inhibitions. We are scared, and after all that is our brain’s role which is to protect us from harm and to keep us safe.

So how can the the kid in us bring us the super power and perhaps bring abundance? Everything we have now, is an attestation of our beliefs and experiences. Our reality. Our standards. Relating this back to the newly found activity with my son, to be able to gain back your super power is to start by letting down your guard, just do it, take action and have fun! I projected an image that I can rollerblade hand and hand with son. I am proof of it and so can you! I know it may seem easier said than done but we need to remember that when we were young, every thing was exciting, and that is how our life should be! To be able to enjoy it joyously.
Everyday is an exciting quality abundant life that we should always achieve! Remember the child in you, your playfulness and so then your youthfulness and abundance will be a by product eventually.

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