Unlimited Ice Cream | Here’s the SCOOP

Enjoy a Banana swing at MOIC

Museum of Ice Cream in Singapore is the first MOIC outside of the United States.

Tickets range from S$38 to S$40 each depending on the quantity you are purchasing. This is inclusive of unlimited ice cream treats as you make your way through the museum. I would say it can take you approximately 2 hours to complete your stroll so if you are contemplating whether S$38- S$40 is worth it, think of it that you are basically paying approximately S$.33 cents per minute to have fun in there.

There are several ice cream stations offering different experiences and flavors.

As you enter the foyer, you will be greeted by these creative ice cream names meant to give you inspiration on creating your own. To be an ice cream in a day? How cool is that?

Next room as all about history and how ice creams evolved. Could not believe It all started way back in 500BCE with Grape concentrate!

Sweet trivia: What is an important but invisible ingredient in ice cream?
AIR! It makes up 30%-50% of the total volume of ice cream.
Which ice cream flavor was first invented? Chocolate or Vanilla?
I bet you guessed Vanilla because it serves as the base for most ice creams! But in fact, Chocolate ice cream was invented first!

If you are running out of ideas for birthdays, this is also one recommended place you can bring your kids! My son LOVED it!

The next room is beach inspired. This is also where you will find the first ice cream stop, choice between Chocolate or Macademia anyone?

A mask off zone — the Yum Yum spot where you can enjoy your treats

The next ice cream station is the diner.
ALL CUTE and dainty! Calling out the IG boyfriends of SG! Bring your girls here (yes girls!) they will love you more.

Apple Pie soft serve ice cream
Vegans, you are loved!
You can have the Blue Vanilla soft serve ice cream

Be ready to be enthralled by the next room as it is the bouncy pink castle! Roll, jump, bounce, twirl, smash! Anyway you want it, enjoy feeling like a kid again!

The succeeding ice cream stations offer some of Singapore favorites such as the Potong Red Bean Ice cream and another flavor, Toasted Marshmallow in classic ice cream block with wafer. If you have visited or lived in Singapore, I am sure you will be able to relate, nostalgia!

Next stop is like a playground and a personal favorite. This was where we lingered the most because it had a more cozy feel to it compared to the rest of the rooms.
There is a Banana and Cherry swing, mini basketball shooting area, a unicorn slide and a mini bus.

Secret disco room

After, head over to the Sprinkle pool for a dive.

You can just imagine the glory of jumping into a pool of sprinkles. This was my son’s favorite as he immediately dived in the moment he saw it!

I think overall, it was time and money well spent after bringing home cool memories and a full belly with all the ice cream treats. We enjoyed most especially because there were less people and therefore more space! 🙂
The staff encompasses a young, playful spirit and a warm welcoming affection to visitors.

I recommend going for Thursday night for an almost solo experience to avoid the crowd. Nevertheless, due to the Covid restrictions, the number of visitors are surely controlled so you would not have to worry about queuing up.

If lucky and spotted by their roaming photographer, you can get a free polaroid picture as a souvenir, care of MOIC.

You can reserve your tickets here.
Children below 2 are free of charge.

Open only from Thursday to Sunday, 10 AM to 10:30 PM

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TravelSG: Pulau Ubin

Only from the heart can you touch the sky” – RUMI

A view of the Ubin Quarry

There is a 10 minute boat ride to enjoy a rustic experience away from the busy, sophisticated life in Singapore.

Fun fact about Pulau Ubin is that the name means “Granite Island” in Malay in which the abandoned quarries remain as picturesque relics of the island’s history. It has a massive area of1,020 ha shaped like a boomerang and has a variety of activities that you can do such as trekking, camping, kayaking, fishing and cycling.

I brought along my 6 year old son with me for a cycling trip. We are both beginners so it was just perfect that there were areas in the island that was fitting to our competence.

How to get there? (and if you intend to bring your own bike)
We hired a Bike Transport service to pick us up from our home at 8:30 AM to Changi Point Ferry Terminal.
Cost: $38 one way for two bikes (usual cost is $20 per bike one way), but if you are sharing with a friend living in a different area, adding another stop would only be for just $5, total would be $43. Not bad!

Bike ready to be transported

Bring cash & some stuff. In the terminal, you pay cash directly to the boat operators/owners for $6 if you are bringing your bike, if not, then it would only pay $4 one way.

Arriving in the island just a few minutes walk from the terminal would be the bike rental shops. Bike rental fee: Ranges from $10-$27.

Hungry? There was only one restaurant called Season Live Seafood which was open during the time of our visit as we came in during the Covid-Two-Pax restriction so some shops may not be open possibly due to the anticipated restriction (and maybe because we also came on a working day) so take that into consideration on bringing food if you have special dietary needs.

They only accept cash so please be prepared, the island does not have any ATM too but if you are wondering if there is internet connection, yes absolutely! you can use your mobile data connection island wide.

However, as convenient to stay connected, do not forget to bring your usual sunblock and mosquito repellant because there are no convenience stores in the island. On the other hand, toilets are island wide so no need to worry!

Pro Tip: If you have a dog, you can bring them along too!

The price is at par with hawker prices in Singapore, not bad!

We headed to the Butterfly Hill as our first stop. Just as you enter the hill, you will be greeted with butterflies! Going in will also require you to get off your bike because it is uphill-steep but at the top, there is a hut called Tahu Hut to rest and enjoy the view of the lake.

We then headed to the Bukit Puaka (Puaka Hill) where you can appreciate more the view of the Ubin Quarry. This is the highest peak in the island with a height of 75 m. It would take you around 10 minutes to hike from the entrance to the top and have the beautiful and worthwhile view of the Ubin Quarry. You cannot bring your bike along so will need to leave it in the parking bike area just right before the entrance.

After Puaka Hill, we intended to visit the famous Ah Ma Drink Stall but was disappointed to see that it was closed.

We found this spot to relax a bit and rehydrate for a while.

Then off to our last destination which was Ketam Quarry.
From the entrance, it was a 7 minute trek uphill and was a bit challenging for me and my son as a beginner but was all worth it reaching the top.

Just on this same area is an entrance going to the Mountain Bike Park. There are steeper climbs and drop offs on this trail so I would suggest this area for beginners like me.

Those attractions alone took us 4 hours in total to complete including rest and lunch. There were a few more areas that I wanted to visit but the water we brought was not enough for us to last a few more hours to ride so we headed back to the terminal. That was around 2PM.

Other sites you can see which we were not able to visit include:
1. Jelutong Campsite
2. Chek Jawa Wetland
3. Ubin Fruit Orchard
4. Sensory Trail
5. Ubin Living Lab
6. Maman Campsite
7. Jejawi Tower
8. Teck Seng’s Place

We miss travelling back home so much so visiting Pulau Ubin brought us joy into our hearts and helped us to recharge! Hope you can check it out too sometime if you are in Singapore!